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Our Background

Your bank and their website can be messy to navigate. Contact details, customer service phone numbers, hours of operation, routing numbers, job openings and product information is spread out across different pages and sometimes even hidden behind a login requirement.

Not to mention if you're interested in customer complaint statistics, financial Strength data or even financial statistics. You won't even find that on your banks official website.

This is why we've gathered this information for over 100,000 US banks, for you. Our mission is to make it easy for you to find the information you care about and make the right decision when choosing a bank.

Our Mission

Our mission and goal is to connect banks & bank offices with people that are looking for help, advice or information.

Our Information

BankMap is the most comprehensive US bank directory. The content that we make available on bankmap.com was originally collected by various government agencies. We obtained the data from these government agencies under the Freedom of Information Act. We then invested a large amount of time in combining, filtering, processing, organizing, and arranging the data for the ease of public use. We update all data weekly. Some content (reviews, questions, answers) are contributed by site visitors or come from other sources.

This site is owned and operated by Info Network Services. This website is completely free to the public.

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